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Top Ten Emerging Technologies Which Will Change Your Life

from MIT Technology Review

Agile, Walking Robots Could Move Around Human Environments with Ease

Atlas is a robot created by Boston Dynamics, who Google bought in 2013. What's different about Atlas is that it can walk on surfaces that require balance and agility usually traits reserved for humans. This will make the robots useful in emergency situations.

from MIT Technology Review

An Affordable Ultrasecure Smartphone for the Masses

After Scandals in America and Ukraine exposing how much Governments can tell about people from their mobile phones, and how easy they can be controlled a new 'Ultra Private' smart phone has been released with technology from Phil Zimmermann.

from MIT Technology Review

New Tools for Editing the Genome Could Radically Change the Study of Human Diseases

Genome Editing: a pair of macaque monkeys have been with precise genetic mutations, through vitro fertilization. his group hopes to create monkeys with Parkinson’s, among other brain disorders. The aim would be to look for early signs of the disease and study the mechanisms that allow it to progress. Speculation about this sort of gene mutation in humans is obvious but the researchers say that's a long way to go.

New technologies allowing roads to be used as solar panels. Of course start up funds and probably cost of upkeep would mean it an unrealistic aim.

Quick! everyone pay hundreds of pounds for this because its Apple.

Northern Ireland’s Leading Business Magazine Now Has It’s Very Own App