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POSTAL NIÑOS (Postales - Niños)

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How things have changed, would be cool to add to an exhibit. Flirtation in the old days...

mcr cat meme - Google Search Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything. Be ready for anything -

A woman in an apartment visible from yor window has been flirting with you for the past few months. Finally, tonight, she holds up a sign indicating her apartment number. Too bad this is a horror story and not a romance.

Irresistible and breathtaking, Truly Sexy Flirt embodies the bliss of budding attraction. This pheromone-infused fragrance captivates the senses with a bouquet of white roses and sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon and grapefruit, and clean amber and cedarwood.

fantasy romance prompt - Google Search

Ah, the wonderful butterflies that tell us we feel something that is extraordinary for someone!

I find your sent intoxicating to me too. | "I love the smell of you on my…