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Evolution of the American Liberal ~ Left picture: 'Question authority;' right picture: 'If you question authority, you are a racist.

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

The truth comes out eventually, even harder for those who believe the lies from someone else. The cost is immeasurable

What a jackass.. Liberals are showing us their true selves of intolerance and divisiveness... The true definition of a bigot!

Typical liberal democrat stance on pretty much everything, a practice in hypocritical narrative, truth and facts be damned.

You can't fix stupid                                                                                                                                                      More

Stupid people are like glow sticks. I want to snap them and shake the shit out of them until the light comes on.

I've been meaning to write elvish on a t-shirt & wait for the comments from both sides. I have issues with terrorists, not arabics. They are not necessarily the same. I have issues with idiots & holier-than-thous. Not all liberals/conservatives are idiots or holier-than-thou. But things like this can bring them out

This is hilarious! And what the heck is "Shakira" law? Is she now demanding we don't let our hips lie?

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Turn, turn untill you can find ir rather make up lies and believe them. What an Republican idiots.