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Tips for Attracting Winter Birds

Tips for Attracting Winter Birds - How to attract winter birds to your yard by providing the right provisions and meeting some of the birds needs.

A yard is not a yard without birds. Watching birds from inside our picture window in the winter is one of my husbands favorite things. His love for birds learned from his mom. The teacher in him also loves when he can identify a new bird! #PinMyDreamBackyard

You never know what you'll find at the back yard bird bath. #Deer #Fawn

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American Goldfinch Habitat: Open areas like yards, fields, fencerows and groves. Diet: Seeds and berries. Backyard Favorites: Supply nyjer (thistle) in a tube feeder with multiple ports, or in a nylon stocking.

Printable Backyard Birds Checklist: How many of these birds can you spot in your backyard?

Chickadee, We have these little cuties in our yard. The kids love them