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Goddess Nemetona

Nemetona by Selena French Nemetona is the British Goddess of the Sacred Grove. Her name means, literally, 'sacred space' and is related to the druidic concept of nemeton, the designation of sacred spiritual space.

Freyja, Vanadís, and Seiðramóðir. She is my Norse goddess. Love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. There is no other more perfect. All in harmony.

Baldur, son of Odin and Frigga and brother to Thor and Tyr, was the handsomest and noblest of the Gods. Forever young, he was the God of Peace and Forgiveness, Light and Spring, of all things Right and Good, Just and fair, Noble Baldur was the best loved among all the Aesir.

1977 Vintage Masonic Print - Odin, The Scandinavian Father-God - print from book - original vintage book print - frameable

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Frithiofs saga was a telling choice of text, for it highlights those real and mythic Viking qualities to which Victorians so warmed, and with which they so identified. Based on a 14th-century Icelandic saga, Bishop Tegné's poem did for the old north what Tennyson was later to do for Camelot; it animated a previously neglected medieval culture, making it seem arresting, attractive and (even) exemplary