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Do you understand how winter weather creates hazards for the eyes? “Winter enthusiasts look forward to this time of year,” explains Carlo J. DiMarco, DO, an osteopathic ophthalmologist practicing in Erie, Pa. “They spend their days happily racing down the slopes, but they do not realize the amount of time they are exposed to intense reflected sunlight.”

It’s important for runners to take the right steps to prevent injuries — from their head to their toes.

Scientists have created lenses that refract light in the same fashion as the lens in the h...

In June 2012 Venus appeared as a small black dot trekking across the sun. The next time this will happen will be 2117! DO NOT look directly with your eyes at the sun,as serious & permanent vision loss (a macular hole) can result!

Here are the the Top 10 essential foods for eyes known to maintain health and improve eyesight naturally.

Woman with eye infection had an entire microbial ecosystem in her contact lens solution

State officials in Louisiana have confirmed that a child died after contracting a deadly brain-eating amoeba. A plastic water slide is suspected to be the place