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If You Hold The Customer Business get Affected #Infographics

Great infographic showing the cost of leaving customers on hold. It shows statistics on how long people are prepared to stay on hold, what their preferred hold

Infographic: Counting the cost of bad customer service | MyCustomer

Bad Customer service can cause huge loss and it can massively disrupt the reputation of the company. Check out the infographic to know the Real Cost of Bad Customer Service.

Customer Satisfaction!

At Hallmark Business Connections, we constantly strive to improve the customer experience. And that involves feedback from customers. Check out this list of 10 things customers wish you knew about them.

The power of in-person meeting.  Putting in face time with coworkers, clients and business partners really makes a difference for a paralegal career.

The power of in-person meetings (via Design Crank) Despite the growth of telework and correspondence by e-mail, business leaders still crave face time with their coworkers, according to the results of a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The life cycle of a #product begins well before the item lands on #store shelves. Check out our new #infographic to find out more about the journey of a product, from inception to #delivery.

The life cycle of a product begins well before the item lands on store shelves. Check out our new infographic to find out more about the journey of a

A Very Merry Mailing List #infographic #Holiday #GreetingCard #Business

A Very Merry Mailing List #infographic

A Very Merry Mailing List for striking the perfect note with your holiday greeting cards. Though the information is designed for businesses it is applicable to everyone! Great tips for all of us to avoid the oops of holidays' past.

Il mondo di domani: 150 anni nel futuro con BBC Sulla base dei più importanti articoli pubblicati negli ultimi anni da BBC, CNN, The Guardian, NASA, MIT, The Life Scientific,ecc,gli scienziati concordano che siamo ormai vicini ad alcuni momenti su cui si fantastica da decenni: l’adozione completa della moneta digitale,espansioni bioniche, la fusione nucleare, le automobili che si guidano da sole, la clonazione dell’uomo e la nascita di macchine in grado di pensare e prendere decisioni.

Interesting to see predictions for me lifetime! BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years.

Maintaining smooth cash flow is essential to the success of any business. Late payments from customers, however, can lead to serious cash flow problems. This makes it tough for small businesses to meet payroll, pay rent or buy supplies. A recent analysis of 20 million invoices in the Fundbox system found some surprising facts about who gets paid when, and just how widespread the problem is.

The Waiting Game: Suffering From Late Payments [Infographic]

What Is Good Customer Service All About? - WorldVillage.com

Service à la clientèle / Customer service ♤Melyk

Top 10 Business Funding Options #Infographics

This infographic explores the top 10 business funding options providing a brief explanation of each. From online lending to product presales, from side business