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David's reaction when he saw his dad speak of how proud he was of his son. aaaawww :)

This is while he was watching the video recognition of his acting career. He won the lifetime achievement award, and cried. I cried too.

my names blurryhand and I care what u think

my names blurryhand and I care what u think<<<<< oh my gosh, this person is awesome!

Rose will always be my favorite. You can't change my mind on this.

All Rose feels is sympathy and love. And I feel my tears!

from reddit to pinterest: Photo

Billie and David I want them to get married and have babies and be the cutest and best couple ever forever.

David Tennant listening to an eleven year old caller at a radio station...this is too cute (pt.1)

David Tennant talking to an 11 year old fan, Nathan, on Absolute Radio. It's super sweet because David was inspired to act by the Fourth Doctor as a kid and now he had the opportunity to inspire someone :)

The Doctor + Rose Tyler #doctorwho

The Doctor + Rose Tyler This broke my heart again

Rose and the doctor

Sometimes the Doctor looks up into the inter workings of the TARDIS and thinks of Rose. Sometimes Rose looks down at her old TARDIS key and thinks of her Doctor.