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"Just like the Human Genome Project advanced research in genetics, a project to map the human brain will accelerate our understanding of how the mind works. As reported by the New York Times, the Obama administration will unveil an effort to map out brain activity as part of its budget proposals..."

Vaccinations, malaria, and contraindications to getting on a plane - what is the latest in travel medicine? Prepare for your next trip with our collection of articles, infographics, and quizzes. (Image: Airplane by Sean MacEntee. CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.)

After Concussions, Athletes Are More Injury-Prone

Another study shows athletes more susceptible to other injuries after #concussion.

Brain's visual system also processes sound - Medical News Today Now I finally understand why I must turn the radio off when I am searching for a street sign in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Palliative care around the world

An interactive map of what palliative care is like around the world.

Space travel to improve health on earth

An in-depth look at how research conducted in space and advancements in medicine can be used to help humans living on Earth (Image: The ARED by Lisa Brown. Image used with permission.)

The effects of war on human health

What are the effects of war on the human body? #medicine #health #war

Edward Jenner: soloist or member of a trio? Part 1

Edward Jenner, though credited with the discovery of the smallpox vaccination, was not the first to utilize cowpox inoculation and variolation. (Image: "Edward Jenner" by James Northcote. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons) #smallpox #vaccination

A reading list for European Antibiotic Awareness Day

The number of cases of resistant bacteria is increasing, so how can we responsibly use antibiotics today to ensure that they remain effective for future generations? (Pills by stevepb. CC0 via Pixabay.) #anitbiotics #ReadingList

Parkinson’s disease: the flip side of the coin

"Front and side views of a man portrayed to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease. These are woodcut reproductions (of two collotypes from Paul de Saint-Leger’s 1879 doctoral thesis, Paralysie agitante etc.) published in Gowers, William Richard (1886)." (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.)