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"Through the Years" Looking back through the beautiful hand carved woodwork of this interior doorway is a journey back through time. A journey that starts with vintage art work hanging prominently above a sheet covered piece of antique furniture.Tools and sundry items, each an ambassador of their respective time and place in the history of this 170 year old homestead, rest against solid oak baseboards. As the evening sun crawls down cracked and weathered plaster. (2014)

"Cold Embrace" Like a pair of skeletal hands reaching from an unmarked grave, winter oaks cradle a forsaken North Carolina homestead. (2014) Photographer's note - This home is located in Northampton County, NC. For more photos please check out my page at Scott Garlock Photography and if you like what you see, I sure would appreciate a good old fashioned "Page Like" Thank you! - Scott

"Just Across the Tracks" This Warren County homestead is situated up on a small hill next to a set of old railroad tracks. I could only imagine the wake up call one would might receive by the sound of an old steam locomotive rumbling on by early in the morning. (2014) For more photos check out my photography page at Scott Garlock Photography

"Natural Beauty" The natural beauty and elegance of this 1840's built Carolina home shines in the late evening summer sun. Mother Nature has dealt this true survivor some significant blows, the most serious was when a venerable oak, most likely a sampling when old Abe was president, fell due to disease and cleaved off the top of her east chimney on its way through the front porch. (2014)

"Feeling Blue" The heavy wooden door, warm to the touch...heated by the afternoon sun, opens begrudgingly on hand made cast iron hinges. Upon entering the bead board clad room, an earthy aroma permeates the dry summer air. The old wooden floor, underfoot, speaks for the first time in many years, a friendly reminder to its new guest to tread lightly and enjoy the visit. (2014)

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