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Made by Kita Inoru: "The thing about in-flight movies is that an adult can watch a "kids' movie" and get away with it. So, in other words, I FINALLY got around to watching "Frozen". And it was, as expected, some great eye-candy. This is my take on one of the less popular costumes from the film: Anna's mourning gown, which appears to be similar to a Norwegian bunad, but in black with the addition of Arendelle's colours. When I saw it on screen, I thought it was just beautiful. So here you…

The adventures of Rapunzel and Eugene being snowed in while in Arendelle? Yes please.

How many Disney movies can you identify? I got a few

stunning Frozen Cosplay

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30 Things You Might Not Know About "Beauty And The Beast"

30 Things You Might Not Know About “Beauty And The Beast”

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