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Explore 3 Unicorn, Town Kittiez and more!

Julian is on my DREAM VILLAGER WISHLIST :] <3 <3 <3 #unicorn #dreamvillager #mine

My ''I Love Kittiez'' sign :] - show your love for my town!! :] <3

So cute (^.^) <3 - It is my dream to have 1 in real life ;]

I have no clue what she's saying but, OKAYY!! lol

Who does Tom Nook think he is?! And as if he is now making people call him King! I, EmCat shall NEVER bow down *to be continued*

My Mr. Piggy pen ^^ (did get the idea off someone else) but it's still supercute :) xXx EmCat #pig #cute #pet #acnl #animalcrossing

My Animal Crossing; New Leaf - DREAMIES LIST <3 =^_^= <3