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Just because you wear boots and flannel don't make you one either... or pretending to be a country girl... just because you go fishin n huntin n listenin to country music a few times dont make ya one either...

That's gonna be my boy.. Chance Michael "He's Mine" every time I hear this song a sly grin comes on my face cause I know this was just how my Daddy was and how Chance's daddy was and my boy will be too.

Seriously. There's this girl who's never even been on a horse, held a gun, or driven a truck and she calls herself a country girl.

One of my favorite sounds that makes me smile!! I had forgotten how much I loved that sound until my oldest son finally got to the age last year that he could wear metal cleats/spikes....and my middle son starts wearing them this year :^)

Meeee. I ride mules, so I don't like the fact that there is not a rear cinch on that saddle, but she can do what she wants. I would use one, but that's just my opinion.

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