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Check out this BuzzFeed article and video by The Scene on "Dads Reacting To Their Daughters Getting Catcalled." How rude and disgusting! How can men just objectify women like that? What a disgrace! We have to do something about this issue, ladies! #WomenCanDoAnything #article #buzzfeed #thescene #video #catcall #women #objectified #disgusting #rude #disgrace #horrible #takeaction #action

Check out this wonderful article by BuzzFeed​ about how far #WomensRights have come in 20 years since the world leaders signed a landmark women’s rights agreement in 1995! We are slowly but surely making progress! #WomenCanDoAnything #WomenRock #Buzzfeed #article #empowerment #progress

Check out this enraging article by BuzzFeed about how women are treated in Nigeria. The stories that these native women share are just outrageous. Almost all of the instances they go through on a daily basis are downright discriminatory! Stories like these are the reason our #WomenCanDoAnything initiative exists! We need to show others that we, women, can do absolutely anything men can do! #beingfemaleinnigeria

Check out this article by BuzzFeed UK​ about the pay gaps in the workforce between men and women. To anyone who says that we don't have the same problem in the United States needs to open his/her eyes to the truth. It's time for equality! What will you do to fight the problem? #WomenCanDoAnything #Equality #EqualPay #wages #paygaps #problem #money #salary #menvswomen

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Women Are Allowed To Vote In Saudi Arabia For The First Time In Its History

For the first time in the country’s history, women in Saudi Arabia have been given the right to vote and stand as political candidates in the upcoming elections. | Women Are Allowed To Vote In Saudi Arabia For The First Time In Its History - BuzzFeed News

Did you know that out of 196 countries worldwide, there are 7 countries who don't have laws that require paid maternity leave? The United States is one of them. In fact, the U.S.A is the only developed country on the list. So, what gives, America? Check out this video by @mental_floss and @buzzfeed on "Maternity Leave in the U.S. Vs. The Rest of the World" for more on the subject: #WomenCanDoAnything #Maternity

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Bill Nye's Mom Was A Badass World War II Code Breaker

You may know Bill Nye from the wheeled-in TV cart at school, but there's more to the man beyond the classroom.

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This Mom’s Letter To A Teenage Boy Who Helped Her Daughter Learn To Skateboard Will Give You All The Feels

“I immediately prepared to deliver my ‘She’s allowed to use this park just as much as you guys’ speech,” Thomas wrote in a letter to the boy posted on Twitter after the encounter. Instead, the boy told Peyton, “Your feet are wrong. Can I help you?” | A Canadian Mom Wrote A Touching Letter To A Boy Who Helped Her Daughter Learn To Skateboard - BuzzFeed News