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A New Model for Music: Big Bands, Big Brands

In this piece, David Carr skewers, with typical smarts and wit, the state of the co-opted music industry today (who else would write that Lady Gaga, shilling for Doritos yet proclaiming artistic independence, “bit the tortilla chip that fed her”?) while still making room for the perennial fanboys. By the end of the column, he’s in a club, thrilling to a new band. As anyone who was lucky enough to spot him at a concert can attest, the joy of discovery never failed him. — Melena Ryzik…

To draw attention to its latest tortilla chip flavor, Doritos built a structure that was designed to look like a vending machine. Very cool

Which raises the question: is SXSW still a good idea for emerging bands, or even superstars? In terms of finances, the answer for superstars and more established acts is typically yes, simply because there are guarantees and sponsorship rewards involved. But in terms of attention, a number of superstars struggled to break through the noise clutter. Which means that smaller artists oftentimes faced a near-impossible challenge.