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There is no shortage of these ridiculous types of videos where video game characters dance all crazy...I shouldn't find this so hilarious. But alas, I do. I mean, it's Farkas and Vilkas!

I was at a #sketchbombsf last weekend and the prompt was to re-imagine a video game character. I don't do fan art very much and we had a limited amount of time so instead I copied an old character but drew them in my own style making a few minor changes along the way. Original art and design are from the game Legend Of Mana (it's old and awesome, i used to play it as a kid) #weeklyfive #creditwhenyoucopy #legendofmana #drawing

Yesterday, surfing a little on the Internet, I found the portrait of Amaimon in a new human vessel (He is enrolled in True Cross Academy, under the name of Ambrosius Faust)! Without spike on the head!<br /><br />And thinking, I immediately thought of a character of Animal Crossing New Leaf that I created just for him.<br /><br />Look it :<br /><br />And believe me, I did not do it on purpose! :rofl:<br /><br />The haircut of the game character is done by default! Except the color.<br…

Delsin Rowe // inFamous Second Son videogame“I’m gonna be different, Okay? I’m not there doing what they do, I’m there to save lives, I’m gonna be like Super Man.”

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