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Ancient rings recovered from a shipwreck

It brings tears to my eyes just watching him at the beginning, so innocent and happy, and hearing his laugh because I know what he is going to go through and that we aren't going to see that smile or hear that laugh for a long time.

*TITANIC~ A ring recovered from Hartley's remains. The auctioneers say his body was recovered from the Atlantic 10 days after the sinking by the cable ship Mackay-Bennett, and that strapped to it was his bag containing his violin and other items. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

CHRONIC PAIN POSTER: VINTAGE ECARDS. "I can't. I did a thing yesterday". #ByAudreyTerp

Goth: The #Undead ~ Actor Bela Lugosi's #Dracula ring.

1-Nenya, Galadriel's Ring 2-Evenstar necklace Arwen 3-Narya, ring of Gandalf 4 Brooch of Lothlórien 5 Ring of Elrond Vilya 6 Key of Erebor 7 Ring to rule them all 8 Anel of Barahir ~ Aragorn

Elu Thingol and the Dwarves by Steamey

I have always loved this bed from Lord of the Rings. A bit epic in scale for my house, but I love it all the same.