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Colorful Pom Pom Drop the kids might love this. I could do it on poster board and lean it up against the ledge

Motor 1925-01 Flapper-era woman in very elegant clothes, showing just why you should buy this fancy car at the annual car show -- for which this is the annual number of MOTOR.

“I am a 24 year old motorcyclist and photographer from Portland, Oregon. I was inspired to create the Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition (a traveling photography show) by the real women that ride, not models but genuine riders. I want to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. I’ve been shooting women along the west coast and hope to travel all over the country to document women in different cities.” –Lanakila MacNaughton

22 Photos That Show Why Detroiters Love Their City

Watching live dance performances causes your body to respond as if you’re dancing too. A study showed that people watching dancers had specific motor responses to the movement. So if you see someone do an amazing pirouette, your body is secretly trying to do one too. Source

Jobs for the girls: Amazing vintage photographs provide a vivid snapshot of working life for British women during World War Two

Jobs for the girls: Other naval roles available to women included working as motor transport drivers, although as this image shows, that often included doing repairs