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During STS-37, astronaut Jay Apt’s suit was punctured while space walking. The hole size was 1/8 of an inch, but Apt’s skin sealed it. In fact, he didn’t even realize this had happened until after he got back in the ship and saw the red mark on his hand. Even then, he didn’t think anything of it, but ground control knew he had punctured his suit.

The first full meal eaten on the Moon consisted of bacon, cookies and coffee, along with some peaches and a glass of grapefruit juice. A commonly touted supposed “fact,” derived from this is that bacon was the first item eaten on the Moon, but this isn’t true. A very small something was eaten shortly before the meal. When Buzz Aldrin set off on the Apollo 11 mission, he took with him a small communion kit given to him by Rev Dean Woodruff, so that he could symbolically take part in the cer

From depictions in movies, you may think that when you’re exposed to the near vacuum of space, you’ll explode, or alternatively you’ll instantly freeze. In truth, however, your skin is perfectly strong enough to keep you from exploding and you’ll take an amazingly long time to freeze. On top of that, you can survive being exposed to the near vacuum of space for about 1-2 minutes with no long term damage whatsoever, at least so long as you don’t try holding your breath, which would res

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The guys getting on the chopper were in my unit. #deedsnotwords