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Do your students suffer from “A or An” confusion? A unicorn but an uncle? A house but an hour? An R.N., an M.D., a DVD. . . End the confusion with this card game. ESL, ELA 3rd - 5th (upper levels as needed) $2.00

from Teachers Pay Teachers

They're Playing My Game :-) (there, their, they're)

Drill, review or test with these cards. In the game, players respond with a handclap or "Hmm. . .I think there's a mistake there."ESL, ELA 3rd - 5th gr. $2.00

FREE student fluency reference sheet for all grade-levels! :)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Weather and Seasons Unit (60 pages with Assessments!)

clothes sorting by season for k-2 part of 60 page weather and seasons unit!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Simile Metaphor Hyperbole Personification GAMES

Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole GAME Cards 10 Fun activities and games for your students to play! Your students will never be confused...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Test Prep {Test Taking Strategies and Practice}

A MUST HAVE to help prepare students for testing! Ideal for upper elementary-middle school students. Guides both students and teacher through the process!

This FREE resource will walk you through how to do shared reading with your upper grades (3rd-6th) students for 10-15 minutes daily to build fluency and comprehension skills. All you have to do is find the weekly articles. Included in the resource is a 5-day instructional plan for both nonfiction and fiction articles.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

December Literacy and Math Centers

Let's Make 10 Dab... Students will determine how many more are needed to make 10, then dab the number on their paper to show their answer.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Prefix & Suffix Game

Prefix & Suffix "I Have, Who Has?" Card Game from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

This free download includes a 20-question practice and 20-question assessment on Making Inferences, complete with answer keys. Your students will read a short passage and then choose the most likely inference that can be made. Students will also indicate what background knowledge helped them reach their answer.This is Level A = grades 4-5 difficulty level.