How to strip wire/cable.
Use Your Foot - It's obvious that you have to pull and then push on the handle of the bender to bend the conduit. But you also have to step on the footpad. While pulling or pushing the handle, put equal pressure downward on the bender head with your foot. This prevents the bender from creeping along the conduit and resulting in a bend that's too long. By the way, bender heads are diameter-specific. Match the bender to the diameter of the EMT you’re using.
If you're adding wires or a bigger device to an electrical box, you may need additional capacity. There are two ways to enlarge an existing box without tearing the wall open.
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This is so great! We added an accent wall and need to add depth behind our outlets so they will sit flush with the cover plates. This will solve my problem!!
System Ground Wire Compared To No Ground Wire
Learn how to strip electrical wires the right way with the advice and tips in this diy home electrical guide.
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