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Autumn awe in Mt Auburn Cemetery by hbp_pix

Ruby Gemstones ~~Mt Auburn Cemetery ~ Autumn, Watertown, Massachussetts by hbp_pix~~ How would you describe this


Would be wonderful to have a spectacular autumn tree like this in the garden. Showers of red everywhere.


Forest House, Dandenong Mountains, Australia " fall colors are so beautiful. My absolute favorite season"!

Path through the red trees

So I was thinking one day, I like the color red. And I like trees. So here I have a picture of red trees.reminds me of autumn

bluepueblo:  Summer Park, Chamarande, France

Summer Park, Chamarande, France photo via sebs wish I could sit on that bench.

Autumn Tree Tunnel

“Autumn’s Cathedral” - Washington State by Joel deWaard. I LOVE when trees grow together over a path! Like walking/driving through a hug.

REAL. Jacaranda Trees are purple & gorgeous. Why do people photoshop nonsense when there really are spectacular things in nature?

Mine are in my back yard, here in Scottsdale, but aren't they beautiful! JACARANDA Located In our FRONT yard. Blooms in the Spring (March- ?) The most beautiful mess in the world is when the Jacaranda purple petals fall.