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Home Blessing: Smoke of Air and Fire or Earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here. #bos #witchcraft

As Americans or any other nation of the free world make note: if you abide by the power of your own will, you can achieve your goals. It does not mean things will be easier, but you will win due to you want to do so.

Closing the year smudging

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BEE PRAYER - POSTER Wicca Pagan Witch Witchcraft Goth Punk BOOK OF SHADOWS

Bee Prayer poster - i will definitely be saying this prayer in my garden this spring

The Moon Goddess: Lady of the silver moon, watch over me this night, Guide my words and actions, and keep me within your sight. I thank you for your love and for protecting me from strife. I honor you for bringing charm and magick to my life. #wicca #witchcraft

A Pagan Prayer - beautiful prayer that more people should be praying no matter what your believes are.

2017 Intention Bottles - Wishing jars for setting new intentions. #SageGoddess #NYE #Magic #Manifestation #NewYearResolution #Spiritual #Metaphysical

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