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“Mountains In The Sky” by michaeladodd is in the running to win Black And White Wow Factor Photo Contest photo contest at ViewBug. Rock the vote, and give this image a leg up!

30 Beautiful Little (and Long) Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Glamorous bridesmaids in sparkly black dresses 30 Beautiful Little (and Long) Black Dresses Perfect For Bridesmaids

15 Beautiful Scandinavian Inspired Holiday Table Settings

Raiders First Place in the AFC

These Hot Chocolate Cupcakes are made with actual hot chocolate in the batter, filled with marshmallow fluff, and finished with a vanilla whipped cream frosting! They're everything you love about the classic drink in cupcake form, a perfect winter and holiday dessert! #ShareYourDelight @InDelight ad

30 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not a bad idea. Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, some red velvet bows, and lose that hideous garland.