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Richard “Rich” Esposito of Plymouth Pet & Aquarium had always had excellent eye sight. But three weeks after accidentally slapping his right eye with a flex piece of PVC pipe, he couldn’t shake the uncomfortable sensation that “something was on his eye.” Having already seen a different eye doctor three days after the incident, Rich decided to call who he deemed the local eye care authority—White Mountain Eye Care.

Happy Nurses Week! Have a free pen... Now get back to your patients! Here's two new admits and three confused patients!

Why is it that the patients who need something that'll knock them out, never have anything useful ordered??

from Back Porch Sheep

The nurse who broke protocol~

And here you will read the true story of a nurse who broke protocol. I held the bloody hand of an HIV+ patient without gloving. About three weeks ago. I was walking down the hallway when I heard ye...

I had this horrid dream where, in the dream, I was dreaming that I was watching the premiere of series 3. Then I woke up in the dream and this happened like 5 times until I FINALLY got to see the episode in the dream. Then I woke up and realized that series 3 doesn't air until winter and I just about cried from frustration.

A Success Story: Dr. Amendolaras patient Lisa A. eliminates her chronic neck pain Lisa A. suffered from neck pain for 3 years. It was moderate to severe for 6 months and the pain was constant. She was having trouble functioning because of the pain. Driving was difficult because she couldnt turn her neck. Reading was uncomfortable because her neck hurt no matter what position she was in. She had great difficulty sleeping because there was no sleeping position that didnt make her neck…