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Skull of a Roman solider who died during the Gallic Wars, 1st century BC. Museo Rocsen in Argentina.

Chatelperronian tools from Grotte du Renne, France, 35-29 KYBP. Hybrid Levallois technique may show signs of Neanderthal learning from AMHS. Placed chronologically between Mousterian (before) and Aurignacian (after)- also controversy over relationship to Gravettian culture, association with Neanderthals.

The Skeletons of Olmos, Part III: How to Uncover a Skeleton’s Secrets

How to uncover a skeleton's secrets That caption makes me wonder what the skeletons have been hiding from me.

Oldest stone hand axes unearthed

Oldest stone hand axes unearthed. Nearly 2 million years old, tools may correlate with rise of human ancestor