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Ruth Allen Art - possible idea for my water screen print - draw back into the images with a fine liner to add extra detail

Every parent has different ideas on how to influence their children.  Some want artistic, some want athletic, some want cool kids.  I wanted to raise smart, good and interesting, well-rounded individuals..  Oh and with a good sense of humor.  They are my greatest accomplishments.    Raising a Moral Child - NYTimes.com

Raising a Moral Child

Interesting article from the New York Times on raising moral children. Moral development often does not happen without the influence of adults so parents need to know how to teach this to their children early.

What Lou Reed Taught Me About Love - NYTimes.com

When another person takes the place of a looking glass to reveal who you really are.

The Google logo on many of the Google home pages is to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  It is the first day of a secular, sacred or other year whose months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon.  It is also the Chinese New Year...

Lunar New Year Google Logo Shows A Sheep, Ram Or Goat?

architectural details

architectural details

New Subscription Box Service: MakrBox | My Subscription Addicition

New Subscription Box Service: MakrBox

MakrBox is a new subscription service that sends you a monthly box of household goods crafted by talented makers, craftsmen and designers.