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QTEL and one of its key developers, Aida Walqui, promotes six key principles: sustain academic rigor, hold high expectations, infuse metaprocesses in the education of English language learners, engage in quality teacher and student interactions, sustain a language focus, and develop a quality curriculum. No more is vocabulary memorization the goal. QTEL and its methodology have revolutionized International Newcomer Academy. It's worth a look.

Reading Apprenticeship at WestEd – Downloadable Resources

Modified Guided Reading for ELLs . In order for them to fully understand and interact with the text, certain instructional strategies require more attention and scaffolds need to be added to support the language. These strategies are equally appropriate for our special education students who also struggle with language. Read more about these reading strategies at:

5 Hands-on Strategies to Teach Reading Comprehension for ESL Students

SEDL Volume 2, Number 1: Teaching Academic English to Ensure the Success of English Language Learners

Sean Slade and our panelists explore how educators can create equitable educational settings that utilize the skills and knowledge of English learners as they navigate multiple languages and cultures in the February Whole Child Podcast.