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Sleeve Tucks - pattern making tutorial; draping; couture sewing techniques; fashion design; fabric manipulation

Meticulously hand stitched tucks with purple silk fabric - couture skirt close up; beautiful fabric manipulation for fashion; sewing inspiration // Dior

Tuck & Fold - fabric manipulation sample; creative sewing techniques // Ruth Singer #textiles

Fabric Manipulation techniques - tuck & fold, Mexican pleating sewing tutorial - couture sewing inspiration for dimensional textures & pattern #textiles

from Etsy

1940s Sheer Nylon Soft White Blouse

Woven Tucks - sheer white blouse with textured weave detail - structural fabric manipulation for fashion; creative sewing techniques

Elegant Fabric Manipulation for Fashion - beautifully balanced tuck & fold variation used to create structured pattern & texture detail // Giorgia Fonyodi

Drawing with Stitch - monochrome embroidery, free motion sewing technique // Alisa Burke #textiles

Monochrome seed stitch embroidery sample with scattered pattern; sewing; textiles design // Thread Stories