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I have been dying to start a group called Weird Dogs... and this specimen (who lives in the office next door) would be a case-in-point. Yes, it's sooo cute, but I find myself just feeling sorry for it, and it's owner. What every pooch needs

In 1898, three years after Nipper’s death, Francis painted a picture of Nipper listening intently to a wind-up Edison-Bell cylinder phonograph. On February 11, 1899, Francis filed an application for copyright of his picture “Dog Looking At and Listen What your pooch should have

Dog-eared but still gorgeous. Update: Dash is now famous over at Getty Images! What your pooch should have

Must have been Lab and Retriever Day at the Dog Park next to PETA's Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. What your pooch wants

Modeled after Dickens. Worn by Wellington. Avalailable for sale: What every puppy needs

:: CACIB INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW – CELJE/CELEIA, SLOVENIA 2009 (Sept 26 – 27 '09) :: Firstly, this isn't my dog! (Click the 'All sizes' button above for a bigger picture.) I've only attended the CACIB* International dog show in my town as a visitor What your puppy wants