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Yeah get over it....we made it through 8 years of Obama with less pissing and moaning than you people and he hasn't even taken the oath of office yet. Snowflakes.

Usually I don't post anything regarding politicians, but this is just great.

Donald Trump has many properties around the world, but there are just a handful of places he calls home. A few of his most prominent digs include his three-level penthouse in New York that is coated with gold, diamonds and marble. Trump's Seven Springs summer home has three pools, a bowling alley and more marble. When he’s out west, he can stay at his colonial-style mansion on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that has a tennis court, spa and library. With the White House a mere 54,900 square…

The Republican Party is now institutionally defending Donald Trump’s racism

I guess I'll go along and fake a big surprise that republicans are racist but it's kinda hard to not of noticed it these last eight years of the Obama administration.

Donald Trump is a force like no other. Never before in our history has a man barnstormed an election like Donald Trump. It seems divine. The media, the wealthy, the powers of this world are

Donald Trump is a serial liar. More upsetting is that no one seems to care

No wonder Trump became a republican, the truth doesn't exist in the republican party.