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Sun's out; tarpaulins are off; and our cladding is going on! In the space of a few sunny days our naked lady is getting dressed in Dimond BB900 - Flaxpod. Cladding sheets and roofing go on quickly, and then the finessing of the flashings follows to create clean crisp and more importantly - watertight lines.

Epic week this one - our first roof - all 15m of it installed in under 1 day. Space defined, and ceilings pre-finished - it really feels like our home is taking shape.

It might have been a short week, but the impetus on our interior has lifted in the past few days. Pre-cut and finished sheets are glued to the framing - removing the dreaded sticks and fluff (framing and pink batts) from view. To the drk stained ply we will rout out patterned grooves, and to the black melamine faced MDF - our horizontal Rimu this space.

from Frenchy Fancy

5 idées pour aménager un bureau dans un petit espace

Now the house is starting to shine. Key finishes being added to important spaces - all ready for our big move in date and 'glamping' in our new house. This is the ensuite. Now all that is needed is the bathroom fittings.

As the sun sets earlier of an evening - my office / 'the grown ups lounge' becomes a very nice spot from which to soak up the view - especially now the carpet tiles are almost down. There are 5 different tiles here - one or two boxes of end of line, all mashed up together.

Grooved ply soffits add warmth to offset the black and white exterior. We have used a Brownwood ply grooved specially for me by the boys at Bbi plywood as a favour, and it looks great. Luckily we have managed to get 3 coats of polyurethane onto them while at a sensible height before they were installed. One final rub and clean before a final coat and the exterior will be done.

the style is very different, but love the drawers in the dining table idea....saves kitchen space for everyday utensils!