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mothers next line "go to your room!" Kid " but why? He did" mom "I said go! We do not speak of such things!"

I feel bad for the doctor.. So many people DIED. :(

From the season 6 episode 10 - The Girl Who Waited. One of the best Doctor Who quotes :) #DoctorWho

"Doctor Who/Les Mis mash up; this hurts my soul." Oh, great. Now everyones going to make gif about it, then YouTube videos, and then everyone's heart will break into a million pieces. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

For a second I thought this was the Doctor because that sounds like something he would tell a child who feels useless or out of place. When the cast the Doctor they don't just choose an actor they choose some one who embodies the spirit and kindness and character traits of the Doctor

The Doctor + Rose Tyler: how do you kill a man? ah, you love him until he believes you will live forever. #doctorwho

The Doctor is real, and if I believe in one thing, I believe in him.