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We will only be sick for a short time, then we will experience “the real life”! Imagine, we will awaken each day to progressive physical improvements—more energy, sharper vision, keener hearing, better looks! May all of us, therefore, maintain our hope firm to the end and continue to serve Jehovah whole-souled. We can be confident that Jehovah will fulfill all that he has promised and that what he will do will far exceed any expectations we may have.— for details

You may be suffering, sick or even dying. But the prize ahead is REAL. God has promised and sworn an oath by his name Jehovah, that he will usher in a Paradise, and resurrect ALL in Hades (Greek: mankind's common grave). Do not fear "hell". A "heller" was a digger of potatoes.

Fibromyalgia; My Aunt had Fibromyalgia and was treated at the Cleveland Clinic for 7 long years. We watch her suffer through pain Injections to her head, neck and spine. She went to the angels last year. YES, IT IS REAL!

:) i look at this once a week and it makes me smile just because i imagine if it was a person it would shout out "fuck off ocd/self harm/anxiety/depression she deserves a rest today"