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Netflix US on

Stranger Things (2016) Netflix Series. Directed by The Duffy Brothers, starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard... In rural small town Hawkins, a group of pre-teen boys mysteriously lose one of their pack while a strange girl appears from nowhere with amazing superpowers. Disappearances, a covert government agency and strange creatures abound in this binge worthy series. A must watch!

Eurythmics Exhibits

Annie Lennox, this is how I first saw her on the 80s music show Razzamatazz. thought she was so cool

Girls Just Want to Have Fun.... one of the best 80's movies, ever! (I've seen this movie idk how many times growing up! We use to call each other and run over just so we could watch it together. It's why I have the song as a ringtone for "the girls" now all these years later. Talk about a memory sheesh that was my life! ~Imelda)

40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Nick Castle as Michael Myers - 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies.... Alien taking a break is best one hahah


Twitter / Rectify : ICYMI: @SundanceTV's #RECTIFY ...

Exclusive "Divergent" Poster Reveals Dauntless Tattoos

Tris / Exclusive "Divergent" Poster Reveals Dauntless Tattoos (via BuzzFeed)

AmericanHorrorStory on

American Horror Story Hotel character names #AHS yes! Finn will be in this one! There's no way he couldn't after his performance as Dandy in Freak Show

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Wizard of Oz.

ABC's @Beth J Rubin cast members Sam Palladio (Gunnar) and Clare Bowen (Scarlett) perform a Season 1 favorite "Fade Into You" live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.