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Explore Methane Pollution, Eye Visible and more!

Image of methane pollution from the oil and gas industry that has been taken with an infrared camera that makes methane pollution, which is invisible to the naked eye, visible.

Repost @greenpea___ - Climate change is driven by increased amounts of carbon dioxide methane and other greenhouse gases.causing a warming effect on our planets atmosphere. The Earths average yearly temperature has increased by 1 degree since 1950. This warming wreaks havoc on our planets most fragile and ecologically diverse land areas habitats and animal species. Other effects that climate change has include melting glaciers rising sea levels and an increased natural disasters. Many are…

Interactive map shows the millions of homes, schools and hospitals threatened by oil & gas air pollution. Find out if you're one. See why we need to cut methane pollution.

The EPA's proposed plan to protect communities from the dangers of oil refineries is a good first step, but we need it to go further. Please SIGN and share this action to the EPA today! Thanks.

For this rule to be finalized, and to truly change the face of future oil & gas endeavors, we need to show a groundswell of support.

Who's to blame for oil waste in Californians' drinking water? | Briana Mordick's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC

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