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Image of methane pollution from the oil and gas industry that has been taken with an infrared camera that makes methane pollution, which is invisible to the naked eye, visible.

Repost @greenpea___ - Climate change is driven by increased amounts of carbon dioxide methane and other greenhouse gases.causing a warming effect on our planets atmosphere. The Earths average yearly temperature has increased by 1 degree since 1950. This warming wreaks havoc on our planets most fragile and ecologically diverse land areas habitats and animal species. Other effects that climate change has include melting glaciers rising sea levels and an increased natural disasters. Many are…

You can't drink methane or other heavy metals and survive for long....Vote republicans OUT! so we can increase the funding for the EPA!!!!!!

Interactive map shows the millions of homes, schools and hospitals threatened by oil & gas air pollution. Find out if you're one. See why we need to cut methane pollution.

For this rule to be finalized, and to truly change the face of future oil & gas endeavors, we need to show a groundswell of support.

Fracking on public lands contributes to some of the worst methane pollution in the country. So bad, in fact, that a NASA study released last week showed that the pollution could be detected from space. Time is running out. We need to act now to curb air pollution from oil and gas production on public lands.

Right now, the oil and gas industry is leaking millions of metric tons of methane and other harmful chemicals into the air. These leaks are wasting enough energy to power millions of U.S. homes every year while polluting the atmosphere with powerful heat-trapping gases that accelerate climate change. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new methane rules to help rein in this pollution, fight climate change, and put us on the path to a healthy, sustainable future for the…