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12FEB14 Feel The Fire created by This a 16 min. workout, you will use the 50/10 format. its 8 different exercises with high knees (skipping) in between each. You will get a full body workout from this routine. I suggest you check out her site for even more free workouts.

01JUL13 Burn Baby Burn. Amazing lower body workout! Quick & simple but def got my heart rate up and kept it up for fat burning!

31MAR14 HIIT Lower Body Killer. This is 6 different exercises that you will do for 30 secs each. However between each exercise you will do 10 secs of squat jumps to keep your heart rate up. Do this routine for 3 rounds. Don't have a Bosu ball no problem. Do the exercises on the floor or use an elevated surface like I did. You will still get an effective workout with Lori.

24JUN13 ABSolutely Amazing. This workout is not just an ab workout. I felt it in my arms too. 6 moves 3 times thru = 16 mins. Keep up with Lori or go at your own pace. Fave move: Leg raises. I used 2 kitchen chairs for my equipment for this move. Also, if you don't have a jump rope just do high knees like I did.

05AUG13 Go Hard or Go Home! from This was a pyramid designed workout. Like all her other workouts it was a challenge & worthy of fast results. My heart rate was up the entire time. I paused the video & took a quick water break to catch my breath before starting up the pyramid a second time. Only equipment you need are dumbbells, that's if you wish to use them.