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Janis, "Piece of My Heart" "Janis Joplin's talent was that you believed she was singing her guts out every night. In that sense she was like [Edith] Piaf. You were watching a candle burn, with no wax to replace what had already been burned up. Janis was a feel, an emotion, a spur. …she aroused desire but was not the object of that desire. And I think she was never able to deal with that reality." Bill Graham

Scarlet Rivera’s exotic violin string serenade on Bob Dylan’s “Romance in Durango (Live 1975)”

According to Eric Clapton, it wasn’t that odd that Dylan picked up violist Scarlet Rivera in the middle of New York City as he explained to Rolling Stone Magazine, “[Dylan] was trying to find a situation where he could make music with new people. He was just driving around, picking musicians up and bringing them back to the sessions. It ended up with something like twenty-four musicians in the studio, all playing these incredibly incongruous instruments.”

Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon "FULL ALBUM" Driving Back home from the Other Place in Ohio I would play this with my carload of people.