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This Grizzly is very reminiscent of one I had the pleasure of getting very close too on a trip to Yellowstone 20 years ago!

"Happy Mother's Day" [Brown Bears, Suomussalmi, Finland]~[Photographer Giovanni Mari - May 2012]'h4d'121002

THREE cubs! The bear family is really big.

Largest Swimming Pool in the World. Algarrobo, Chile. It covers 20 acres- cool!

Bondi Beach in Sydney. Swim club called the Icebergs because they swim year round in ocean baths.Looks awesome!

from The Pioneer Woman

Large Marge Smartypants Quiz

Lombari St. in San Franciso. 8 hairpins curves!!!

from Etsy

Dog Photography, Senior Dog, Black Lab, Quote Print, Dog Art, Duotone Image

Prints from Photo by Mark J Asher, with wonderful quote. Doggie Love... ♥