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Eren (left) & Bulgaria (right)

Eren (left) & Bulgaria (right)

104th training squad

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) heights <<< it scares me that I'm the same height and weight as Armin, and look just like him <<< I think it's funny how Marco's the same height as APH America and Jean's the same height as both APH England and France

Denmark: I look absolutely fabulous.

Best Disney/Hetalia crossover ever! France is belle China is mulan England is Jane Greece is megara And Denmark is Ariel XD a

Aot / Snk OVA funny,shingeki no kyojin,attack on titan,mikasa ackerman,fan art

Hetalia ~~ Dance Dance American Revolution <--- There is something wrong with our fandom.

Hetalia ~~ Dance Dance American Revolution <--- There is something wrong with our fandom.<--- Yes. Yes there is<<< I totally agree, but we're awesome<<Waiting for Prussia to appear with that comment<--- OH MY GAWD<<<<Dance for the FREEDOM >:D !

APH:Gladiator by EmjayxD.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Hetalia/Gladiator crossover - This is a really cool idea with the Ancient characters. :)

APH:Gladiator by EmjayxD on DeviantART (Scenes from Gladiator, featuring the Roman Empire and Germania) - That scene with the wheat field always gets to me, even in fanart. Especially in Hetalia fanart.

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DOITSU. Hetalia America Germany

o When America takes off his glass, fangirls everywhere faint.

I swear I'm going to cry forever from this show :'

my heart is literally aching right now. It takes a lot to make me feel a physical ache from sadness, but this did it. Good avatar crossover though. >>>> IM GONNA GO TO THE CORNER NOW AND CRY!