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Border Patrol Agent: "We Will Be Terminated If We Try To Enforce The Law". What on Earth is happening?! This would be OK if we didn't live in an alarmingly unsafe and insecure country, but that's not reality. Enforce border security!!

{MUST READ} Do These Six Words Prove Obama Orchestrated the Border Crisis? “Obama is going to take care of us.” These six words are being said repeatedly by illegals crossing the border, according to Chris Cabrera, a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307. Border patrol agents here those words from not only illegals who are children, he says they are also uttered by adults. JUL 28, 2014

US Border Patrol (USBP/CBP) Fallen Officers Memorial Service LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY

Border Patrol's website offers advice on eluding ... Border Patrol

Another idiotic policy by Obama. Locations where illegal immigrants cannot be approached by Border Patrol are listed on their website. The hands of law enforcement are essentially tied. Tax payers are paying for officers who cannot do the job they're paid to do. That's liberal logic for you.

There is no other country on the planet that allows this! WE NEED SECURE BORDERS.....THEN, WE NEED IMMIGRATION REFORM....STOP THE INSANITY!!

"Freedom isn't always free* it costs us the lives of someone's loved one or friend, so that as a society we may live each day free. Thank you for those serving/have served.