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Long-Sleeve Shy Square Hoodie ($20, originally $34)

Aradia, queen of witches. Daughter of Lucifer god of light and Diana goddess of the moon.

Doris Day. My sister was named after Doris Day.

Pola Negri, 1920s. Born in 1897 in Poland, she rose out of poverty and began her performing career as a ballerina. She was struck by tuberculosis, however, and had to give up dancing. She became for a time one of the most popular femmes fatales in Hollywood. She had a long affair with Charles Chaplin, and then Rudolf Valentino, apparently they were lovers until his death in 1926. She was one of the two major femme fatales at Paramount studios, Gloria Swanson being the other.

Rodeo Cowgirls, ca. 1925. Standing from left: Florence Hughes Randolph, Ruth Roach, Mabel Strickland, Reine Hafley Shelton, Mildred Douglas, Bonnie McCarroll, Rose Smith, Maud Tarr; squatting from left: Bea Kirnan, Mayme St...

Many different sizes of 3d and flat copper stars #star #copperstar

Find this on Facebook at Star Struck Cowgirl Shop.

Find this on Facebook at Star Struck Cowgirl Shop.