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Archillect on

Fun idea of what Central could look like

Puts in you hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unimaginable ( if you are in my theory)

19 Tweets That Perfectly Explain What Carrie Fisher Meant To The World

"Be Princess Leia in 2017. Fight on the front lines. Strangle fascists with the chains they would have you wear. Be a motherfuckin' general."

Yeah, she was! Leia, the original sci-fi badass.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Why not both! Princess Leia Star Trek cosplay with a Wookie Tribble! - 10 Star Trek Red Dress Cosplays

35 affiches retro inspirées par Star Wars

Love the humor. Star Wars Geek.

Sorry Twilight, but i adore how many strong female characters exist in nerd culture.