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11. The Blue Dragon: This is the Glaucus Atlanticus, a crazy species of blue sea slug. The Blue Dragon is able to float on the water's surface because of a gas-filled sac in its stomach. This species can be found in the warm ocean waters, so be careful not to step on these beauties.

Glaucus atlanticus Glaucus atlanticus is a species of small, blue sea slug, a pelagic aeolid nudibranch, a shell-less gastropod mollusk in the family Glaucidae. Wikipedia Scientific name: Glaucus atlanticus Higher classification: Glaucus Rank: Species

Absurd Creature of the Week: This Crazy-Looking Sea Slug Has an Ingenious Secret Weapon | The blue dragon nudibranch eats the stinging cells of the Portuguese man o' war, then incorporates them into its own skin. That, as biologists say, is pretty baller. Sylke Rohrlach/Flickr |

Lowland Streaked Tenrec Found in Madagascar, Africa this small Tenrec Is the only Mammal known to use stridulating for generating sound-something that's usually associated with snakes and insects.

One in 2-5 million lobsters are blue. A genetic defect causes a blue lobster to produce an excessive amount of protein. The protein and a red carotenoid molecule known as astaxanthin, combine to form a blue complex known as crustacyanin, giving the lobster its blue color.

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