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11. The Blue Dragon: This is the Glaucus Atlanticus, a crazy species of blue sea slug. The Blue Dragon is able to float on the water's surface because of a gas-filled sac in its stomach. This species can be found in the warm ocean waters, so be careful not to step on these beauties.

20. The Sea Pig: The sea pig is closely related to a sea cucumber (whoever named sea creatures must have a sense of humor, since they never look like what they are named after). They have enlarged tube feet and live on deep ocean bottoms. Luckily, you’ll never run into one of these yourself.

14. The Giant Isopod: This is one the largest species of the existing isopods. It’s so big because some creatures that live on the bottom of the ocean can experience “deep sea gigantism.” This is where the crustacean will grow much larger than its shallow sea dwelling counterparts. They look prehistoric because, honestly, they are. Isopods have been around for a long, long time.