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When my wife takes off her ring, to shower or do housework, I will take it to her, get down on my knee and re-propose. Yeah, I'm that sappy.

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Unique Sleepover Games for Girls That Scream Fun and Enjoyment

Sleepover games... Some are pretty good


The message.

Sounds like an episode of doctor that has already happened, but still a good concept

My realtionship with my sibling is either: "I'll help you hide the body" or "don't breath in my direction". There's no in between.

mine is behind the laundry basket! You guys?

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because someone who loved me would have seen that after a lifetime of callousness, harshness, and ugliness, i am moved and motivated by loving encouragement and positive reinforcement, not comparison, harshness or cruelty. I had my fill as a girl.. because someone who loved me knows i have compared myself my whole life, trying to figure out why i don't work, why i am unloved, why life is such. when you show me the ballerina and the dancer and artiste, you show me my failure. it is not…

Love this picture, that is why I love Westies they have so much personality! Picture credit:Barbara Kenny-Simoneau