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Spells for pregnancy 27733947689 A pregnancy spell should never be performed without your partner's consent. Conceiving a child is a miraculous experience that requires the full blessing of both parties. You should never use a pregnancy spell to try to "curse" another woman into becoming pregnant against her will. This is against every rule in the Wiccan religion. If you've selected a spell that requires materials such as candles, make sure you follow the directions exactly. For…

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Women’s Self Defense Tips

Self sefense. As a woman, you will be take advantage of so this is smart and easy to use. I also suggest taking self defense classes or looking up some self defense ideas.

“All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” The Beatles

She promised herself she would never give up. And after days spent struggling, her body gave her no choice but to break that promise. As her head slowly slipped beneath the water, she made peace with her demise. And through this, her life was born again.