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Myths & Legends: Rusalka In Slavic folklore, there exists a dangerous female fairy-like being that lives in lakes and rivers. Though often confused with mermaids and sometimes are portrayed to look similar to mermaids, they are traditionally not mermaid-like in appearance. They are beautiful and seductive woman with eerie, green-glowing eyes. According to legend, the rusalki are the spirits of drowned or violently murdered young girls.

Tevinter aesthetic --- “witches around the globe → india the witches of india are vivid, lively souls - full of colour and life. their strong hands weave tales of desire and power, their energy intoxicating, their stories...

Libra Dear Nicolette, Here are your results: WOOD ARCHETYPE: The Pioneer = 6 FIRE ARCHETYPE: The Wizard = 14 EARTH ARCHETYPE: The Peacemaker = 11 METAL ARCHETYPE: The Alchemist = 5 WATER ARCHETYPE: The Philosopher = 10

Necklace A highly prized and traditional West Country Witch necklace is that made from snake vertebrae. These are believed to aid the Witch's use of the potent serpentine spirit force of the land within their magic.