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I'm thinking that I can hang some of these from the tree in my front yard (this evil eye tree is located in Cappadocia, Turkey.)

Warcrime! Turkey cuts off water supply to Syria via the Euphrates river -- Nazur Abboud, May 30, 2014,, via Farganne's feed:

from Poshmark

✨"Nazur Boncuk" Evil Eye Leather Bracelet✨NWT

✨"Nazur Boncuk" Evil Eye Leather Bracelet✨ ✨Beautiful Handmade Leather With Silver And Glass Beads✨Nazar Boncugu in Turkish refers to a very traditional item in Turkey, it's a blue bead used as a talisman which is beleived that it would protect you against the evil-eye✨The evil-eye superstition comes from very early times and it can be found in most of the cultures in the world✨if this Nazar bead breaks for whatever reason, it's beleived that it worked and protected you from some evil-eye…

DIY: 7 guides that show you how you easily make your own beautiful midsummer garland with fresh flowers. But if it still seams too hard to do we have ready mades in our store, and they don´t need watering either #midsummer #garland