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June 5, 1967, Con Thien, South Vietnam - American soldiers of the 9th Marines removing dead soldiers after engagement with the enemy. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

03 Apr 1968, Ca Lu, South Vietnam --- US soldiers from the 1st Cavalry rest on trucks in a convoy before Operation Pegasus, an attempt to clear the east-west route to Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

A dying soldier clutching to a priest after being hit by sniper fire. Whether you're religious or not, this soldier was given comfort in this last moments by an extraordinary brave man.

Soldiers sacrifice their mental health at war. Seeing all of the gruesome gore, witnessing mass deaths and being involved in stressful situations often leaves a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder. When a soldier returns home they often cannot go back to their lives like everything is perfectly fine. They have to alter their life because of the war. War can cause men to suffer.

Hamburger Hill. 23 Nov 1967, Dak To, South Vietnam. Hill 875 Casualty. Swathed in battle dressings, but still gripping his weapon, a wounded soldier of the 173rd Airborne awaits evacuation from Hill 875. American troops captured the summit of Hill 875 (and wondered why) climaxing the longest and costliest battle of the Vietnam war.

An American soldier demonstrating the XM-2 Personnel Detector, a "people sniffer" used to find enemy soldiers in hidden positions by detecting the chemical traces of urine and sweat during the Vietnam War, 1967.