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cute cow song to the tune of five little speckled frogs and farm picture cards

Speckled sussex- a wonderful dual-purpose chicken.

Speckled Sussex Rooster. If our girls don't chase him off, this is what our new rooster will look like all grown up! Such a pretty chicken!

from My Pet Chicken Blog

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter

Cold weather chickens - speckled sussex in the snow guide to keeping chickens healthy during winter

5 Green Speckled Frogs, There Was an Old Lady, etc... Lots of free printables.

The Sussex breed is magnificent as egg layers, able to keep egg production high even through the winter months. They also have quite a following as show birds because of theri easy-going temperament.

Potential for so much fun - easy and portable! (make another scene on the reverse - city, farm, jungle, etc)